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La Tordera - Jelmas

La Tordera - Jelmas


Jelmas is another terrific sparkling wine from la Tordera.

Despite being labelled as Extra Dry we've found it to be medium sweet with a lovely balance of citrus and riper fruits.  Some tasters have even described banana!!

A real crowd pleaser if you're opening a bottle for a celebration and great value too.

The name 'Jelmas' is an acronym of the future generation of the Vettoretti family: Joseph, Elisa, Luca, Marica, Anna. Named in the hope that this wine will inspire them to continue our tradition of winemaking. Here's hoping they do...

Producer                  La Tordera

Region                      Treviso

Type                          White Spumanti

Alcohol                     11.5% vol.

Bottle Capacity        750ml

Closure                     Cork & Cage

Grape Varieties        60% Glera, 20% Pinot Grigio, 20% Chardonnay Musquè

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