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About us

Shawbury Wine is a family run business that opened its doors back in 2000. The philosophy then as now is to offer our customers a carefully curated selection of wines, each individually chosen as being of exceptional quality and truly representative of its kind.

Shawbury Wine has thrived on our continued commitment to offer wine tastings to our customers. We do this via our regional team of passionate wine ambassadors or at a plethora of shows and events across the UK.

We really believe that through the tasting experience and with some guidance, we’ll find wines that are right for you, that exceed your expectations and delight in ways that the lottery of the supermarket shelves never can.

Our wines are hand-picked from all over the world meaning we carry wines for every drinking occasion, be this casual summer drinking with friends or a signature dinner party where food and wine combinations are key.

Our ethos is to bring to the market wines that are of superb quality, unique character and offer a memorable drinking experience.

As such we typically avoid large wineries and instead deal directly with small boutique wine producers who have real passion for their produce.  Whose investment in small-scale production and viniculture has resulted in them creating exceptional wines often in small quantities.

We hope you find this site a convenient way to re-order your wines.

You are of course very welcome to book a wine tasting with your local wine ambassador here

Or take a look at our Events page for more details of activities in your area.